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Have you browsed the library’s Local History room lately?

We now have all of The Kickapoo Scout newspapers published in Soldiers Grove, 1907-1979. Thanks to a generous donation we were able to purchase them on microfilm from the Wisconsin State Historical Society. With the added donation of a film reader, patrons can browse through the years & get a real life picture of the old days! We have framed historic maps on the wall, too. One is a large map (in color) of the 1878 Northeast Quarter of Crawford county, including Clayton, Scott, Haney & Utica townships. Another shows the Business Listings of that year, including an index of landowners and beautiful engravings of the old buildings. These are wonderful gifts to the library’s local history room. New things are always coming in so stop by anytime during regular library hours & take a look!

Our Local History Room contains the following resources about the history of Soldiers Grove and surrounding townships:

Local History – Books [on “Local History” shelves]

  • “Southwestern Wisconsin: A History of Old Crawford County,” Vol. 1-4, by John G. Gregory, S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1932.
  • “History of Crawford and Richland Counties, Wisconsin,” Union Publishing Co, 1884.
  • “Vernon County Heritage,” Vernon County Historical Society, 1994.*
  • “The First 100 Years: History of Soldiers Grove, WI,” by W.M. Ward, Edward W. Herbst Publisher, 1964.
  • “The Wisconsin Floods of 2007,” North Crawford School District Artists Reflections, by Joni Peterson.
  • “Kickapoo Pearls: A Collection of Kickapoo History and Folkways,” Vol. 1-4, by Kickapoo Valley History Project, 1979.*
  • “Come Rain, Come Shine,” A Case Study of a Floodplain Relocation Project at Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, (Publ WZ-204) by William S. Becker, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 1983.
  • “Down in The Valleys: Wisconsin Back Country Lore and Humor,” by Robert E. Gard & Dale O’Brien, Wisconsin House Ltd, 1971. [Local history in Part Three: The Kickapoogians.]*
  • “The Memorable Kickapoo Valley,” by Grace Gilmore Hocking, Richland County Publishers, 1977. [Local history in Chapter 15: Soldiers Grove.]*
  • “The Kickapoo Valley: The Gem of Wisconsin,” by Gertrude Frazier & Rose B. Poff, 1896. [Local history on pp. 38-40: Soldiers Grove.]*
  • “My Treasure Chest of Memories,” by Esther Banta, 1974.
  • “Ghost Towns of Wisconsin,” by William F. Stark, Zimmermann Press, 1977. [Local history in Chapter 5: Pleasant Ridge]*
  • “Settling West-Central Wisconsin,” by Gerald Olson, 2009. [Local history on pp. 116-118: Soldiers Grove.]*
  • “Memories of Yesterday… A Pictorial History of Crawford County,” Vol. II, A Shopping News Publication, 2002.
  • “A Relocation of Floodplain Properties Implementation Program for the Village of Soldiers Grove,” Laufenberg R&D, 1976.
  • “Soldiers Grove: Redefining an Identity,” by University of Wisconsin Madison Landscape Architecture, 2010.
  • “Along the Blackhawk Trail,” by William F. Stark, Zimmerman Press, 1984. [Soldiers Grove area page 134] *
  • “Driftless Spirits: Ghosts of Southwest Wisconsin,” by Dennis Boyer, Prairie Oak Press, 1996.* [Crawford County in Part Three]
  • “The Post Offices and Postmasters of Early Crawford County, Wisconsin,” by Donald Kasparek, ca. 2000.

Local History – Visual Materials [on Ben Logan’s desk]

  • “River Town: The Story of Soldiers Grove,” 1983 [DVD and VHS].*
  • “Kickapoo Valley Railroad: The Stump-dodger,” Midwest News, 2011 [DVD].*
  • “Solar Town,” KosFilms [DVD].
  • “The Floods of Soldiers Grove 1908-2008,” by Dan Thoftne [DVD].
  • “Community Conservation: Living in the Park,” Ootek, 1996 [VHS].*
  • “Emphasis Wisconsin: The Lure of the Crooked River,” McCullough [VHS]

Local History – Photos

  • Assorted photos [in low filing cabinets]
  • “Kickapoo Photo Album, Vol. 1: Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin,” by Marlie D. Barlow, 2011 [on “Local History” shelves]

Local History – Magazine Articles [in low filing cabinet]

  • “In Wisconsin: Kicking the Kickapoo Habit,” Time, Jan. 26, 1981, p. 8.
  • “Community Response to Floodplain Relocation in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin,” Trans. Wis. Academy of Scienes, Arts, and Letters, vol. 80, pp. 87-99.
  • “Problems and Issues in Comprehensive Planning for a Small Community: The Case of Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin,” The Environmental Profession, Vol. 4, 1982, pp. 43-50.
  • “Soldiers Grove Soldiers On,” Solar Today, Nov/Dec 2003, pp. 34-37.
  • “Wisconsin Driven: Our forgotten auto past,” Wisconsin Trails, Mar/Apr 2012, pp. 23-29.
  • “After the Flood: Local Farmers Need Our Help,” Sustainable Times, Vol. III, No. 11, Sept 2007.
  • “Small Places: Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin” Harrowsmith, pp 22-29, 1983?

Local History – Other [in low filing cabinet]

  • “Another Look: Wisconsin Photographs Past and Present,” Wisconsin Historical Society, 1998.
  • “Wisconsin Heartland: Local Focus – Soldiers Grove”, Wisc. Power & Light Co, 1989.
  • Black Hawk War Memorial Marker description and historical newspaper article
  • “The Making of a Solar Village: A Case Study of a Solar Downtown Development Project at Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin,” by William S. Becker, Hawkweed Group.
  • North Kickapoo Lutheran Church, One Hundredth Anniversary, 1857-1957, booklet.
  • Telephone Directory for Boscobel & Mt. Zion, 1953.
  • “Early Kickapoo History”, Crawford County Journal, 1887.
  • Agnes Morehead (HS teacher) materials.

Genealogy – Families

  • Alitzer Family [1736-1941]: “The Alitzer Branch: An Alitzer Family Genealogy”, by Elsa M. Banta (1983).
  • Banta Family [1659-1983]: “Banta Pioneers and Records of The Wives and Allied Families”, by Elsa M. Banta (1983).
  • Briggs Family  [1744-1987]: “Ten Generations of the Briggs Family in America”, by Robert L. Briggs (1987).
  • Coleman Family [c1740-2002]: “Descendents of Henry Coleman of Montgomery County, PA and Shelby County, OH”, by Ruth Dilley (2002).
  • Connelley Family [c1680-1983]: “Three Hundred Years in America with The Connely Clan”, by Reginald Dowaine Conley (1983).
  • Hill Family [1790-2000]: “Echoes From the Hills” by Grant Hill, Jr. (2000).
  • “McCormick – Ryan Legacy” [1840s – 1991] by M. Bernadette (McCormick) McCoy, Woolverton Printing Co, Cedar Falls, IA (1991).
  • “Another Potts Yarn” [1683-1984], by Reginald D. Conley (1984).
  • Zajicek Family [1868-1983]: “The Zajiceks: Joseph & Elizabeth And Their Descendents”, by Frank N. Campbell and Helen M. Campbell (1983).
  • “The Solberg Family Story: North Buck Creek Ridge” [1879-1990], Ernest and Ruth Solberg, 1990.

Genealogy – Cemeteries & Churches

  • “Northern Crawford County Cemeteries,” by Elsa M. Banta. Covers Forest Hill, Mook, Yankeetown, Towerville, Montgomeryville, and St. Phillips cemeteries.

Genealogy – Military

  • “Crawford County’s Honor Roll 1917-1918-1919”, H.E. Howe & Son, ca. 1920s.
  • “Soldiers of the Great War,” Vol. 1-3, by W.M. Haulsee, F.G. Howe, and A.C. Doyle, Soldiers Record Publishing Association, 1920.
  • “229th Engineer CSE Company, Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991,” by Buck Jones (Platteville), ca. 1990s.
  • “The 32nd Division in the World War,” Wisconsin War History Commission, 1920.
  • “Still Serving with Pride, 2nd Infantry Division,” by Erland Dregne, 2000.
  • “Civil War Pension Records of Lewis Connelly”.
  • “Military Service Records, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications,” National Archives Trust Fund Board, 1985.
  • “A Roster of the Surviving Members of The Iron Bridgade of The War of the Great Rebellion or American Civil War, 1861-1865,” by Cornelius Wheeler, 1904.
  • “History in the Making: Medal of Honor Wall Dedication,” and “History in the Making II,” The Book of All Living Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, by the Soldiers Grove American Legion Post #220.

Genealogy – Other

  • “Genealogical Gleanings From Early Newspapers for Residents In and Near Crawford County, WI, 1897-1902”, by Vernon D. Erickson, Heritage Books, Inc. (1999).*
  • “Births, Deaths, Marriages and Other Genealogical Gleamings from Newspapers for Crawford, Vernon and Richland Counties, Wisconsin, 1873-1910,” by Vernon D. Erickson, Heritage Books, 1997.*
  • “Wisconsin State Historical Society Newletter” 1977-1979
  • Lower Wisconsin River Genealogical  & Historical Research Center newsletters, Wauzeka, 1998-present.
  • “Genealogical Research and Resources,” by Lois C Gilmer, American Library Association, 1988. **
  • “Tracing Your Norwegian Roots,” by Maralyn A. Wellauer, 1979.
  • “Immigrant & Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications,” National Archives Trust Fund Board, 1983.
  • “Genealogical & Biographical Research, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications,” National Archives Trust Fund Board, 1983.

Plat Books / Maps [in low filing cabinet]

  • Crawford County Plat Books (8.5×11”): 1972, 1980, 1990, 1994, 2001, 2007, 2013
  • Crawford County Plat Book, with farmers directory (10×13”): 1914
  • Crawford County Plat Book (18×15): 1902 (missing some pages)
  • Flood Insurance Rate Map for Soldiers Grove: 1984
  • Kickapoo Valley foldable maps: 1993, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
  • “Cultural Map of Wisconsin: A Cartographic Portrait of the State,” Univ. Wisc. Press, 1996.*
  • “Soil Survey of Crawford County, Wisconsin,” by M.J. Edwards, W.J. Geib, Olaf Larson, D.E. Wilcox and E.H. Tyner, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, 1930.

Newspapers [in tall filing cabinet]

  • Crawford County Independent 1970 – present [in tall filing cabinet]
  • Kickapoo Scout 1969 Sesquicentennial, 1970 – 1976 [in tall filing cabinet]
  • “Kickapoo Pearls,” Vol. 1-4, 1979 [in wooden filing cabinet]
  • Microfilm [in low filing cabinet]
    • 1883-1888 Crawford County Journal
    • 1889-1893 Kickapoo Transcript
    • 1894-1902 Crawford County Advance
    • 1903-1906 Kickapoo Valley Journal
    • 1907-1979 Kickapoo Scout
  • Scrapbooks [on “Local History” shelf]
    • Newspaper Clippings 1980s – Volume 1-4
    • Newspaper Clippings – Town Relocation 1979-1983
    • Newspaper Clippings 1948-50
    • Newspaper Clippings 1950-51
  • Selected newspaper clippings in hanging file folders in the low filing cabinet:
    • Relocation & Solar Town
    • 1951 flood
    • 1966 flood
    • 1978 flood
    • 2008 flood
    • Sesquicentennial
    • Rescue squad
    • “Do You Remember?”

School Yearbooks, Scrapbooks & Recordbooks

  • Soldiers Grove High School yearbooks “The Cardinal”: 1950-1952, 1954-1964
  • North Crawford High School yearbooks “Trojan”: 1966-1972, 1975, 1979, 1982, 1983, 2001-2005
  • North Crawford Senior Peace Essays: 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006
  • Scrapbook of 1931 class of Soldiers Grove High School, with photos, clippings, etc. Collected by Bernilda Sime Lee, a member of the 1931 class of SGHS.
  • Scrapbook of 1922-1978 Soldiers Grove High School (newspaper clippings)
  • School record books
    • 1926-1939 Soldiers Grove School (board meetings, school census, financials)
    • 1922-1930 Soldiers Grove School Parent Teacher Organization (meeting minutes)
    • 1868-1929 Trout Creek School (District #12 of Town of Clayton) (board meetings)
    • 1868-1929 Trout Creek School (District #12 of Town of Clayton) (financials)
    • 1941-1957 Trout Creek School (District #12 of Town of Clayton) (financials)
    • 1864-1956 School District ??? (financials, treasurers Davis Dale, Ruth Olson, Oliver Olson)
    • 1892-1910 Bear Creek School (board meetings, financials, teachers contracts)
  • Box of information about the Soldiers Grove class of 1943 (photos, clippings, pamphlets, addresses etc)
  • “Rural Schools of Crawford County” book (2002). Information collected, researched and assembled for the LWRGHRA at Wauzeka, WI by Marie Doll Wagner and Ethel Matti Lorenz.

Books by Local Authors

  • Jerry Apps*
  • August Derleth*
  • Mickey DesCheneaux*
  • Paul Lagan
  • Aldo Leopold*
  • Ben Logan*
  • Michael Perry*
  • Patricia Curtis Pfitsch*
  • David Rhodes*
  • Pearl Swiggum*
  • Paul Zimmer*
  • Catherine Young [articles also in “Local History” section of low filing cabinet]

Clayton Township Records (loaned to library by town board) [in tall filing cabinet; ask librarian for key]

  • Assessment Rolls 1915-16, 1920-26, 1929-30, 1933-47, 1949-65
  • Chattel Mortgage (mortgages for movable personal property) Record Books 1892-1932 (1875-?)

If you have any questions, or would like to donate local history material, please contact Gesa Ott at cocozelle66@gmail.com or 608-379-0050.

* denotes: Available for checkout

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